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Exclusive Members Clubs London

Posted on: 1st September 2015

“All of which are strictly members only. You will not get in unless you’re a member or are accompanied by a member”

1.) Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey is a private members club and restaurant which opened in 2002, since then it has been recognised as one of the most up and coming members clubs in London.

Not only is it known for its outstanding customer service, but for its impressive drinks and unforgettable cuisine.

Located on in Soho, London the extravagant club see’s members delve into the world of elegance, relishing the restaurant’s fine dining and fashionable surroundings.


2.) Groucho Members Club

The Groucho Club is a private members club which has founded in 1985, by a group of friends who were fed up of having nowhere to meet up in the City.

Situated on Dean Street, in London’s Soho, the eccentric club is split amongst several floors including a variety of restaurants, bars, entertainment rooms and an array of bedrooms which see members of the club indulge in everything from the finest of cuisines to attending some of the most unique pop-up events that Dean St has to offer.


3.) Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club is a private social and sports members club located in a prime location of Fulham SW6 which was founded in 1869 – 146 years ago. The Clubhouse is set amongst 42 acres of land which appreciates various sports activities, some of which can include polo, golf, crochet, swimming and not to mention its Fitness Centre inclusive of a fully equipped gym.



Tramp is a private club for members only, located on Jermyn St, London which was founded in 1969. The club is renowned for its copious amounts of celebrity faces it see’s enter and leave the exclusive club, some of which can include super model Kate Moss to Chart topping Rihanna.

The genre of music played can be a mixture of R&B followed by house music, which creates a lively atmosphere which see’s members of the club dance their night away.


5.) Soho House & Co

Soho House is situated in London’s Greek Street and was founded in 1995, it became most popular amongst the creative industry and has since then expanded and seen the growth of many more ‘Houses’ across the world.

Soho house’s ethos is to bring like-minded people together who share common interests from their creative background whether it be from fashion, music and art all amongst others rather than focusing solely on a person’s wealth and status which many members clubs do.


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