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Posted on: 28th August 2014

Arts and Culture – September 2014

With art fairs becoming more and more popular within the UK, London has played host to the very best of them.

September brings a fantastic line up in Chelsea and Mayfair with no room for disappointment.

For some, the whole business of art, investment and exhibiting is something of a mystery. Indeed, for many people they simply want some images to hang around their home.

Many art lovers can appreciate a piece of stunning artwork without feeling tempted to purchase it. However, for others there is a deep seated emotional response to a piece that is only fulfilled by ownership. Of course, owning original artwork means that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. It can be a conversation piece and even improve your home’s interior decoration, if it is displayed in a considered way. However, for many art buyers these reasons are nothing compared to the idea that they are supporting the artist.

Whatever your reason, be tempted to attend the LAPADA Arts and Antiques Fair hosted in Berkeley Square from 24-28th September 2014.


LAPADA is the UK’s largest Association of professional dealers in works of Art and Antiques. The fair virtually covers every discipline including paintings, fine furniture, ceramics and carpets. Be assured that a committee of specialists ensure authenticity and buyer confidence as all items would have been vetted first.

The 20/21 British Art Fair 2014 will also be the place to visit at the ever famous Royal College of Art in Kensington. This incredible fair only specialises in British Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Royal College of Art is the ‘spiritual home of British Art’.

John Monks]

The fair certainly appeals to the enthusiastic first time buyer as well as the established collector. Lord Hutton will open the Fair on Wednesday 10th September at 5pm. Show open 10-14th September 2014.

To mirror these great events explore more than 800 buildings and sites which are normally closed to the public at this year’s Open House London event on 20-21st September.

The capital continues to face an increasing demand for housing and Open House London offers a unique opportunity to reveal the creative and inspiring designs of contemporary architects, engineers and landscape. Get under the skin of the most amazing architecture London has. Entrance to most venues is free and you can just turn up on the day but a few are pre-book only, with ballots for 10 Downing Street and the Antony Gormley Room at The Beaumont.

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