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Bubble, Boom or Bust?

There is currently a lot of speculation over the UK housing market and especially, our primary concern, the Prime Central London market (PCL). Sales transactions and soaring prices have brought out the scaremongers, warning us of a PCL bubble that … Continue reading

Olympic Logo London 2012

Is renting your property during the Olympic as easy and as good an idea as it sounds?

Renting your property during the Olympics is more of a process than is thought and there are certainly pitfalls that people can fall in to when thinking and rushing into doing so. The first question that needs to be answered … Continue reading

London Rental Market on the Increase

London is presenting an increasingly lucrative option for potential investors in the buy-to-let market, according to a report by overseas property adviser Given the difficulty first-time buyers are experiencing when it comes to climbing onto the property ladder, more … Continue reading

The ALL NEW Cameron Pearson Website

Welcome to our ALL NEW website. The New Site We spent the final months of 2011 putting together a new website and it has now gone live. We have remained with a very image led site, focusing on visuals and … Continue reading