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The Milestone Hotel – Kensington

The Milestone Hotel It starts with a love story back in the 1950s. A beautiful and highly regarded lady meets a distinguished hotelier called Stanley. He was known for wearing a small red carnation in his lapel and that’s where … Continue reading

Tangiers: Luxury? The Marbella and Monaco of the 1920’s…

King, Charles II used to say: “Tangier is the richest jewel of my crown”.   Brief History of Tangier Tangier has had a varied and complex history and many nations have been involved in making Tangier the International city that … Continue reading

The Marbella Club – From Farm to Fashionable Chic

Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, who passed away in 2003, was the founder of the sybaritic Marbella Club which essentially set the tone and trend for Marbella as an elitist destination from the early sixties. A brief history of Prince Hohenlohe Hohenlohe … Continue reading

Victorian London Fog

The History of Luxury Living Part 2: Victorian Luxury… and Poverty!

Victorian life was notoriously regimented, especially by today’s standards. A closer glance, however, reveals an attitude that celebrates hard work as the key to an honest living. In order to understand the emergence of ‘luxury’ and an outward display of … Continue reading

Luxury Living: Where did it all start in the UK? Henry VIII!

When Henry VIII came to power, following the death of his father Henry VII, years of frugal austerity came to an end. Henry VIII opened his father’s coffers to find a wealth beyond his dreams and he set about spending … Continue reading