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Property Investors

The UK Budget 2012 the Effect on Overseas Property Investors?

Following the latest UK Budget announcements, below are the changes that affect property and property investors. Income Tax: On 6th April 2012 the standard personal allowance will rise from £7,475 to £8,105. From 6th April 2013 this will increase further … Continue reading

Olympic Logo London 2012

Is renting your property during the Olympic as easy and as good an idea as it sounds?

Renting your property during the Olympics is more of a process than is thought and there are certainly pitfalls that people can fall in to when thinking and rushing into doing so. The first question that needs to be answered … Continue reading

Victorian London Fog

The History of Luxury Living Part 2: Victorian Luxury… and Poverty!

Victorian life was notoriously regimented, especially by today’s standards. A closer glance, however, reveals an attitude that celebrates hard work as the key to an honest living. In order to understand the emergence of ‘luxury’ and an outward display of … Continue reading

Luxury Living: Where did it all start in the UK? Henry VIII!

When Henry VIII came to power, following the death of his father Henry VII, years of frugal austerity came to an end. Henry VIII opened his father’s coffers to find a wealth beyond his dreams and he set about spending … Continue reading

A Roman Law clamping down on Luxury: Sumptuary Laws

Luxury Living: A Roman law clamping down on luxury? Hail Caesar! NOT! The meaning of ‘sumptuous’! Magnificent and splendid, suggesting abundance and great expense, and having a flavour of debauchery. Very expensive or costly. Lavish, wasteful, extravagant Following the military … Continue reading